Doris Jung-Lin Lee

I am a PhD student at the RISE Lab and I School at UC Berkeley, working with Professor Aditya Parameswaran.
My research interest lies in interactive data science tools, visualization, and human-computer interaction.
I am currently working on , a Python library for accelerating and simplifying the process of data exploration.

Before this, I was at the computer science department at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. I received my Bachelor's degree in physics and astrophysics from UC Berkeley in 2016.

I am awarded the 2020 Facebook PhD Fellowship in Systems for Machine Learning.

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Selected Publications

My research is centered around understanding the challenges that users face during exploratory data analysis and develop intelligent systems that guides users in the data science process. You can learn more about this line of research in this blogpost or this podcast.

For a full list of publication, please refer to my CV for more details.